Thursday, February 19, 2009

Powerlogic Azzura 2000

after a series of Utopia, Powerlogic also launch a similar model called the Azzura appear as casing with a new style. Powerlogic Azzura 2000 that we try to be designed in such a way easy to install and sold at the price economical. casing with the middle size ATX is also not too heavy, and only 5.8 kg including power supply. storage space Powerlogic casing Azzura 2000 standard are classified as fruit provides 4 bay external 5.25 "and only 1 fruit disk drime 3.5". the pulling, the power trim decorated with green LED lights that round views so sweet when the PC is active. either for a sweetener, or indeed useful, the USB connection, mic, earphones and participate given the background of bright color to make it easier to know what its function directly. unfortunately, FireWire hole here still be optional. interesting than the show, Azzura 2000 also considers the flow of air to provide cooling channels for the summer special processor. AirDuct besides the system, the casing 2 also add fruit size 12cm fan on the back and front so that the temperature in the hot room casing will dull quickly. the structure, casing Powerlogic Azzura 2000 sweetener but it can make the panel visible.oh yes, bundle casing is also powerless pure 230watt PSU that can be "upgraded" to maximum power 450 watts. this is quite interesting although not the ideal system for PC-high-end.

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