Thursday, February 19, 2009

Foxhound Project Zero

all readers, this is the PC that successfully reach predicate Ultimate Gaming PC. performance of the processor to overclock 4GHz, plus mix two top-class graphics card (Sapphire HD3870 512MB) create performance Foxhound Project Zero is in the foremost position. FoxHound up the PC this looks serious in the selection of each component so that each detail has been thought to look good. this can be seen from the system used. although not using the cooling fluid, such as another PC, Foxhound remains serious with refrigerator-sized processor that still has a big fan. not only processor, memory is also given a consecutive cooling to maintain the stability of work. system make this system work even though the processor was stable 4ghz. performance than the processor, this PC gaming capability also shines with the two graphics card Sapphire HD3870 in Crossfire mode in the cluster. just remind, HD3870 is the best ATI graphics card at this time, with a 776MHz GPU clock and 1125MHz memory GDDR4 certain frequency. for the motherboard, Gigabyte GA FoxHound select-X38-DQ6, a motherboard from Gigabyte on the class that use Intel X38 chipset. motherboard features above average, as shown on panel back. there are 8 USB ports, 1 mini-USB port, 1 FireWire port, and 2 gigabit ethernet ports. This motherboard also provides the expansion slot-shaped PCle x1 and PCL, but the application is rather difficult. The refrigerator for the use of processor, memory, plus a graphics card that uses two types of cooling slots in the casing to make the interior look so full of hard to add additional facilities. even has some weaknesses, FoxHound Project Zero still a worthy title in the best competition this Ultimate Gaming PC. performance seen by the PC difficult than others, due to the selection of many top-class components. even if the price is not an assessment of the parameters, but the price of U.S. $ 3050 is also cheaper compared to other PC. so, FoxHound Project Zero is feasible snatch the title Ultimate Gaming PC.

Foxhound "Human Trainer" Mouse Pad Dog Mousepad

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