Wednesday, February 11, 2009

WinFast PalmTop TV

Watch TV broadcasts using the notebook is quite diverting. than as a means of entertainment is the way, can also be used to record a favorite event. WinFast TV PalmTop are presented for the demand by offering functions and facilities that attract. using the USB connection as a power and data connectors, this device requires no additional adapter so that it more practical. own physical shape, such as a mouse, and the sides, there is a port to transfer audio video. This port includes a cable extension for the fork needs the analog connection will include the s-video and composite. as usual this device is equipped with a bundle PVR application form and video editing applications. PVR application itself to catch the wave function TV with various interesting features in it. capabilities, among others, the process of recording a variety of input from VCD format to DVD, sleep timer, teletext, automatic scanning, recording schedule, the PIP (Picture in picture), a snapshot to channel surf. all these functions can be operated easily through shortcuts or remote control. remote control is quite thin and shaped capsule that have hands even though the big time is a bit troublesome to use. WinFast PalmTop be pitied little TV does not provide the function even though the FM tuner and PVR button remote there is a shortcut for this function. because there is no FM tuner is not the automatic function is provided for recording audio. PVR although there can still be used to play audio formats. time to enter or notebook PC, the device is immediately recognized and enter the live cd drivers and supporting applications. installation will automatically provide a special folder for files or capture video recording. It also can be installed all sorts of codec support for playback and recording process. using an antenna of adequate search process waves good enough to catch TV broadcast TV. The process is quite easy with the auto-scan option. optimal results in the images look clear and bright enough. although it does not disrupt too, for broadcast TV have caught a little noise. to perform the function as a TV tuner does not need any capital old PC WinFast PVR applications can run well. so also to be used when recording video with low resolution. and for a higher resolution such as the DVD specification requires a slightly higher, equivalent to pentium 4/AMD Athlon 2Ghz with 512 RAM or more. ****************************************** WinFast of the many variants TV tuner this time appear quite enthralling. ease of installation and use applications and the ability to be a quite interesting advantages. form a smaller set aside for the notebook users, although not closed the possibility PC users also use it.

Foxconn NF4UK8AA-8EKRS AMD Socket 939 Motherboard

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