Monday, February 2, 2009

Data Traveler 101, Mouse bring nation Fine Gold

A special flash with a capacity of 2GB. capless design systems with a USB turn (swivel), the top 101 this DataTraveller made of metallic gold. That act as the protectors of this USB mouse is given a painting caudate long - shio year in accordance with the mouse. represent the year 2008, on the side of the head carved calligraphy china "Wu-Zi". Si Tikus Gold, according to Kingston, symbolizing prosperity, and hope that luck bring good fortune and peace in 2008. while the lower part of the body made of transparent plastic colored red. comes packaged in a plastic belakan red, DataTraveller 101 luxurious look. "In addition to the artistic style, design DataTraveller 101 the overall size, that allows users carry in pocket or as a key holder," said Dave Lee (Flash Memory Product Manager, Apac Region, Kingston) in a release. In addition to beautiful and tiny (5.58 x1, 73x0, 95 cm), 101 Kingston DataTraveller race when reading data. Prepossess physical, not performance, is the main attraction kingston DataTraveller special limited edition of 101 that the market price of Rp 146,300 on this. So harmless if you do, especially the shio mouse, or who want special this year, collecting about. Written on the packaging, "Password Protection", but the samples we received the software must be downloaded before the site kingston.

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