Thursday, December 25, 2008

PIXELVIEW Geforce 8600GT Ultra

This product comes with the technical specifications of the higher than similar products using a standard design. such as in the case provided clock. This product core clock of 620 MHz, memory clock of 900 (1800) MHz, and Shader clock of 1250 MHz. The increase is significant when compared with the standard clock for the Geforce 8600GT, which is core to 540 MHz, 700 (1400) MHz for the memory, and 1188 MHz for Shader. With this increase, the product has a faster performance of 6-8% compared with the standard version. Product-clock over the course will result in a higher heat. This also applies to this product. for it. PIXELVIEW provide custom with HSF. The HSF with this core is made of copper fin made of aluminum. To maximize performance, HSF is also strengthened with two heatpipe. In addition to cooling Core, Pixelview also not forget the memory chip cooling. To add the PIXELVIEW four ramsink to cool down the four-chip memory chip. At idle, this product is to record the temperature 53 degrees centigrade. Meanwhile, at full load, the recorded temperature is 68 degrees centigrade. A decrease in temperature with the help of HSF idle cusstom was not much different than using a standard HSF, only, at full load, custom HSF noted a significant decrease in temperature (6-8%) compared with the standard HSF. Although the present with a variety of advantages, these products also have shortages. Drivers are included in the CD is not compatible with this product. This is not a big problem because the drivers are easily obtained. However, should Pixelview more careful in the driver.

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