Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Roth - Audioblob 2

The packaging of that which I see the speaker is available in two options, namely black and white. Driver of paper with konus known characters that sound natural, clear and low distortion. Meanwhile Dome tweeter type known characters have treble the smooth and natural with a wide frequency range, so many people tune by audiophile. Blend that will produce a good sound quality.
Subwoofer using the cone has a foot on the base of whorl. Subwoofer that has a power of 28 watts RMS using this design SEALED passive radiator. As usual driver, passive radiator has konus / membrane, but without the magnet and is not connected to the amplifier. Passive radiator function more or less the same as the function of port / hole on the type of subwoofer that is ported to improve the low frequency response from the subwoofer. Through a complex calculation of the subwoofer driver must specify the diameter and volume for the subwoofer frequency response best. Subwoofer Roth Audioblob2 have a uniform frequency response / stable from 80Hz to about 35Hz under the response began to decrease regularly. This makes the sound from the subwoofer bass sound is solid, and rounded out. Voice quality is very good satellite. Mid natural sound while the smooth treble, clear and not excessively so comfortable to be heard. One thing to note from the speakers this is it has a feature auto standby. Standby mode will be active if the input sound level is below the threshold limit for a certain time. This feature aims to prevent the speakers survive if the song has been played out while the owner sleeps.

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