Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Biostar TForce TA770 A2 +

chipset AMD 770 chipset is a value prepared by AMD. he welcomed the K10 generation processors for desktop PC segment has a code name Phenom. even if the mode does not support CroosFire as mainstream chipset version and High End, but on this chipset also supports HyperTransport 3.0 is capable of the bandwidth between the components is higher than the previous. as one of the most diligent producers released the latest chipset products bebasis, biostar also prepared with motherboards based on AMD 770 chipset is. But one of the products that have started in the present market is indonesian series TA770 A2 +. such as the name implies, this product is intended for users who like to work especial-performance system that is used. as usual, from the layout of the motherboard with the ATX form factor measuring 24.4cm x 30.5cm This is quite neat. components and the cable-the cable will be installed there is no jog or lot of the airflow inside the casing. without the use of heatsinks also suppressed the fan noise level in total. but unfortunately when the test took place, especially for the Northbridge heatsinks are very hot but not to cause instability problems. you have a casing which is small and compact device with the internal need of extra attention to airflow will be using if this motherboard. other choice is to switch heatsinks with the better. to better ensure stability in the use of a long period of time, a capacitor that is used has also been replaced with a solid capacitor. you are not familiar with overclocking can utilize the software because the available options overclock automatically point to know the maximum stable system you have. ************************************************* with the ease of use, a neat layout and support the latest processor, Biostar TForce TA770 A2 + is very interesting to use. AMD lovers who need the system motherboard with economic performance but good enough and the level of free upgradability, please select this motherboard. at least for 2-3 years, you can still upgrade to the memory, graphics card, the media store, and most importantly, processor, without the need to swap the motherboard.

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