Thursday, February 19, 2009


wrapped in the casing Cooler Master Cosmos 1000, Alien SYSTEM PC looks so spunky and fit with the impression that gamers try to be Surya Cakra Infocom as this PC. doughtily effect is also reflected when we open the casing. is to direct our attention on the water cooling system that is used to cool the processor. Surya Cakra use Aquagate S1 Infocom, one of the system from Cooler Master. This system has a water block and pump that is integrated. with the liquid refrigerant flowing in the pipe diameter of 3.8 inches. system is placed at the top, a position close to the processor in the motherboard. while the power supply is usually placed in the position of the bottom. PC interior is beautiful thanks to the neon lights that decorate an important part of the casing. see the specification in detail, you will be the next generation Intel processor is the latest 45nm Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650. processor, but this standard does not appear, because Surya Cakra Infocom raise a 12x multiplier (9x's standard), so that the frequency obtained 4GHz. but due to the cooling water, the processor remains protected under the number 50 degrees Celsius in full load though. the system also remain cold because the fan is also available sized 12 inches at each corner. but of course not only up there, as a matter motherboard supporting all the components on the ASUS P5E3 Deluxe supports the latest technology thanks to the use of the chipset IntelX38. ASUS P5E3 Deluxe motherboard provides high-definition multimedia port that is good in the up gamer needs such as support 8 channel audio and SPDIF output. FoxHound as Project Zero, the PC is also using the system CrossFire dual graphics card. but the graphics card used was Sapphire HD3850 256MB, so that one level below HD3870 512MB used FH Project Zero. based on the test results are visible benchmark scores we do show that the number is high enough. overall, Alien SYSTEM PC only lose by FH Projecy Zero who do have better hardware. but in a matter of stability, Alien System appears more solid than the FH projecy Zero, the system could be better.

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