Thursday, February 19, 2009

NextBase Media 22

may be a bit strange to hear the name NextBase as speaker because this brand is known as portable multimedia products. NextBase Media 22 is a 2.1 stereo speaker function but in fact more useful to the facility which placed the speaker together. what the attraction is the speakers? for stereo speakers, NextBase Media 22 classified weight (9kg) but the show seemed spunky. as well as Logitech, speakers, providing access style nice touch that is used. used in addition to the computer, this speaker also supports the use of iPod player, can work as a radio and provide a card reader (SD / MMC / and MS / MS-PRO) plus a USB flash multiformity dile to enjoy multimedia from the tiny storage trends are being . One more interesting from a functional tools can as this is the DVD player to watch your favorite movies. the top of the speaker is providing LCD 3.6 "TFT 960x240 pixels, but you can still deliver the output to TV. it also turns out NextBase Media 22 also supports the A2DP Bluetooth connection so that songs from your phone directly to a speaker through a Bluetooth connection. for those who like the all-round device can then NextBase Media 22 is very clear seduce as many speakers can be used for a variety of multimedia activities. quality audio to its own no less disappointing despite the need for a more realistic surround. a speaker with a variety of functions clearly interesting to have.

Nextbase Multivision Set for All DVD Player Type

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