Friday, February 20, 2009

Ovation OMH9W-ZD

reasonable only if you feel strange on this one brand. yes, Ovation is a new product in our market. through a series ZD-OMH9W they try to jazz up the LCD market is already crowded enough. although classified as a new product but serious Ovation LCD placing them as one of the newcomers with a composition that is not less technology with competitors. race-conscious LCD market is very tight, the Ovation product specifications with the rather compete. Ovation OMH9W-ZD dimensions of widescreen 19 "is on the contrast ratio of 1000:1 with a brightness level of 350cd/m2. Display response also reached a 5ms LCD monitor is usually required to provide a comfortable display when used to play games with a high-speed frame. physical monitor appear as normal, although the power button was formed with the manual so that the ring is similar to the planet (Saturn). the option of manual configuration is also relatively standard, and when a user feel bothered to try the settings are automatic. oh yes, the monitor's internal speakers that unfortunately does not provide a clear indicator to set the size of the volume. calculated the average, Ovation OMH9W-ZD able to compete with the famous brand thanks to the quality of appearance. contrast can compete in the color balance is less precise when the brightness level in position minimal. yet so, it's normal for this monitor is sufficient enough to compete let alone the price.

Gen-Tran ATS2002R Ovation Series 4 Circuit, 200 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch for Generators Up To 50 kW

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  1. Salam.
    monitor kami "OVATION" seri OMH9W-ZD pada waktu start awal pada layar timbul satu jalur horisontal berwarna putih di tangah layar kemudian melebar ke arah atas dan bawah dan akhirnya seluruh layar berwarna putih.
    Monitor kami restart sampai beberapa kali, baru mendapatkan gambar yang normal.
    Apakah solusinya ?