Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nexian NX-G911

Almost the same as the two rivals, NX-G911 Dual GSM network carried on, with the dialed calls that you can use the phone keypad on the left, located next to the home key to the main menu. While there on the right back button, and shortcuts to the messaging features. The navigation key is made slightly textured to avoid rolling the fingers slippery in the chosen feature. Last of the USB port as the charger and plug the headset is located on the lower end mobile phone.
Armed with a camera 640x480 VGA camera, NX-G911 has a plus minus than G30 HT Link. If the NX-G911 provides the facility zoom in and zoom out, not G30. Built-in flash on the G30 body attached to the back of the phone, the NX-G911 does not exist at all. Well, plus minus that could create a different outcome, although both have high levels of VGA camera. Typically, low-resolution mobile phone that is less sensitive to dim light conditions with a similar setting on G30, you can immediately begin by setting the image quality by selecting high, with a maximum size of 640x480. The end result will be a little bit helped, if you do shoot in the afternoon with a maximum light power. But do not ever take pictures at night, even with night mode, because the outcome far from expectations.

Nexian NXC3100 NexiCam Digital Camera for iPaq Pocket PC

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