Sunday, April 26, 2009

ASUS My Cinema - U3000Hybrid

ASUS My Cinema - U3000Hybrid Multimedia Center All-in-one portable watch broadcast digital or analog TV and FM radio with your computer anywhere with a TV Tuner ASUS My Cinema U3000 Hybrid. with the design of economic and high-quality, TV Tuner latest multimedia entertainment to give this all-in-one anywhere with your PC or notebook. HDTV signals ASUS My Cinema integrated on the ASUS My Cinema - U3000Hybrid, TV Tuner makes it easier for mobility. simply connect the USB2.0 connector on your PC or notebook, the broadcast TV you can enjoy your favorites without the need external power adapter. Multimedia Center All-in-one ASUS My Cinema - U3000Hybrid provide PVR functionality (Private Video Recording), such as watching TV, schedule recording, and Teletext. in addition to the general function of TV, you can listen to music collections, watch DVDs and edit video and burn your favorite DVD on easily with a PC or your notebook.

ASUS My Cinema-PHC3-100/NAQ/FM/AV/RC TV Tuner Card PCI Interface

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