Monday, June 29, 2009

Camera Olympus SP56OUZ

Olympus Camera SP56OUZ class for compact digital cameras, the coverage angle lens from Olympus record SP56OUZ feel special. habituate only number optis 18x zoom equivalent to a long focus lens (fokal length) 27-486 mm in 35mm camera. focal length range is ideal for recording a panoramic view of nature, sports photos, images or even animals. focal length this number can still grow large, when the lens is placed on the series tele converter TCON-017 and adapter ring CLA-10 (optional) and the focus lens reach 826mm. when combined with digital zoom capability, the Olympus has SP56OUZ will focal length 4626mm. on the testing we do, this camera a few times to focus the search a little old at the time the camera is positioned at the highest focal length (opticial zoom 3x). to record images of the good, when photographs of the scene or object moves, it's good you use the sport mode shooting / action in order to obtain a high shutter speed to reduce shocks to the camera and freeze the movement object. if necessary, switch the facility record series (burst) on the Olympus SP56OUZ to record a few frames at a time (15 frames per second) in a very pressing shutter release button (SHUTTER release). to anticipate the shocks that can cause the camera images to be blurred, this camera include image stabilizer mechanism that will change the position sensor and the light energy by TruePic III processor. feature one of the excellent Olympus SP56OUZ correction is shadow (Shadow Adjusment). in testing facilities that we do this work well and are very helpful when the shadow on the edit objects that are not reached by the flash (fill-in-light), the function that is almost similar to Shadow adjusment in the Face Detection mode. This function detects faces in a frame viewfinder and automatically provide the ideal lighting for the face. another mode, Smile Shot detect smile on the face of the viewfinder frame, and trigger the shutter release (SHUTTER release) to work. However, Olympus SP56OUZ still have a weakness when recording an object that has a high contrast. on the edge of the image contrast (usually a line between the dark and light) often there is color should not have. this is called abrasion kromatis. on our testing, abrasion kromatis appear in the form of a thin purple line. if you want pictures with slow shutter speed or even with the long time exposure (bulb), we suggest using the ISO / ASA low. in our testing, shooting with long time exposure and high ISO images will lead to grain (pixels) to be so rough trigger TruePic processor to perform noise removal efforts. the image will become blurred and lost detail. overall, the lighting conditions are good enough record color. **********************************
Olympus SP56OUZ results provide a good enough record. suitable for users who like to travel and require a range of angle variation record, both on the panorama, and the size of the object image is significant.

Olympus FE-46 12MP Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom and 2.7 inch LCD (Light Blue)

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