Sunday, July 5, 2009

HP Pavilion TX

you still remember the tablet PC? This device is shaped like a notebook, but you have a touch screen so that the process input - whether typing or drawing - can be done over the screen using stylus. but if you forget quite a bit, with the tablet PC, we can understand. Popularity tablet PC at this time is far from ranting when appearing in 2002 ago. IDC data also shows the tablet PC sales in the year 2007 around 3.3 million units, or only 1.2% of total PC sales throughout the world. very low but sales are not a few steps turn down manufacturer of the latest release tablet PC. one example is the HP Pavilion TX1209 is released. device that is worth U.S. $ 1484 has a 12.1-inch screen with format the big screen, and provided processor AMD Turion TL-58 (1.9 GHz), DDR2 memory 1GB. and nVidia GeForce graphics card 6150 (onboard). be regarded relieved this hard disk capacity (160GB), but 10GB of which is dedicated as a place to store files for recovery purposes. first to use it, we immediately impressed with the accuracy HP in designing this device. to change mode from the notebook into Tablet PC, the process is very easy thanks to the hinges feel supple and light to play. you also will not change the difficulty screen (from potrait to landscape position and vice versa), thanks to the arrow button on the image screen. talk button, HP also carefully designing each key (power, WiFi, and multimedia applications) on the notebook side, so easily accessible in notebook mode or tablet PC. but when to use it at some length, we also found some lack of TX1209, especially when working as a tablet PC. The weight is one that reaches 2.1 kg, quite heavy for 12.1-inch notebook class. addition, we also find that the bursts of air out of the waste heat channel is enough sting. second constraint makes use of this device as a tablet PC is less fun. Performance notebook also be regarded as normal. compared with the notebook classmates Zyrex Cruiser NFT42, its performance looks less shining. Batere resistance is also less than ideal if you often use this device outside the room. ************************************************** **** honest we are not fans tablet PC, and the presence of HP Pavilion TX1209 does not change our view. the performance of this product is not special, and the added weight and heat of the use. presence with technology touch screen Multi-Touch which also makes iPhone touch screen technology in the tablet PC is outdated. people say Microsoft is being building latest touch screen technology similar to that in the iPhone windows mobile 7. if it can be developed in the tablet PC, the tablet PC See eligible. but until that time comes, most of us will be more suitable than using the notebook with tablet PC.

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