Thursday, June 25, 2009

BenQ Joybook S41-E34

Initially, the communication design joybook more focused as the S41 series notebook for professionals that emphasizes the aspect of hardware goods. but in the observation thus concluded that professional users still want the products they use teak itself is not serious and can still stylish. background of this sere S41 transformed the beautiful but also strong. Joybook S41 series S32 as well as ever we try to present in her style. S41, but this time because it appears more vigorous use core2duo processor 2.2 GHz (T7500) and place GeForce8600M GS graphics chip is more ready for gaming. 8600M GS chip is a VGA secondary special for mobile use TurboCache technology to improve the internal memory load. joybookS41 also ready to be replaced with modern multimedia port S-video with the HDMI connection. prepared with the addition of high-specification cargo, notebook screen with 12.1 "is also built to be a designer-style gadgets such as Sony's VAIO. as well as S32, S41 on the cover image of the pattern of pop trends that are in the Asia. in part also looks elegant with the use of metal layer color is strong but the beautiful views. parapet of a special metal coating is made with a smooth and in accordance with the touchpad without cleft. generally different from the notebook, joybook S41 has a keyboard with a curved surface on the right and down kiri.ini meant to cover notebook easily opened from the side of the hand and make you more comfortable put above. need not fear the hands feel hot because the discharge of heat was directed back to the notebook. owing to the benefits of this design-excellence awards S41 snatch Reddot design award and the 2007 iF design award 2007 (China). *********************************************** Fast performance S41? we try to compare this notebook Asus F9S with components that have similar (but with a VGA GeForce 8400M GS). result, they nearly ran just as quick and S41 less superior in video encoding, what a pity we never had time to get a score for the application in the office here. yet ascertained the value is not so disappointing, especially also note the performance of graphics. joybook S41 really interesting to work and play 3D games with the notes is not ask for too high a power source.

BenQ JOYBOOK 2000 Laptop Battery

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