Saturday, June 27, 2009

Beautiful Digica CP73

the crowded course, the digital camera market with the entry of newcomers as Digica class compact camera. Digica take entry-level segment, which means equal to the Spectra, Sahitel, Umax, or who later also released incentive camera. after a series SX70, Digica directly introduce CP73 series camera as versatile for various purposes and also affordable. affordable? yes, with only about Rp 1.2 million you get a 7 MP camera that can also be used as a PC camera. CP73 is designed as a beginner camera class that need to be economical, but with the camera specifications are quite good. navigate the panel may look quite a lot but it's meant to quickly get the user functions are available. although created as a camera viewfinder simple fact CP73 but still offer the use of semi-manual mode through the P (program). but also as conventional compact model, the access is also limited, such as the selection level lighting, ISO settings of up to only 200, and white balance. viewfinder according to the scheme but also have the option only appear in the portrait, landscape, sports, and night shooting. Digica CP73 we try to photograph a variety of conditions such as the image is very close distance (Macro), portrait, landscape and other. on macro shooting area image sensor to take the overall and difficult to focus on a certain point to its focus less detail arise. ability viewfinder backlight (strong light behind the object) is also weak, the visible image over the object and the main impression is not sharp. not the image Stabilize results also make good photographs photographer if too many moves. ******************************** some examples from other images, CP73 results still provide a sizeable, including the recording speed of 30fps in the video. although only VGA quality (320x240 pixels). the need for photo beginners Digica CP7 is relatively bearable. than can save to memory SD / MMC, CP73 also offers 32MB internal memory. The Funny, to copy photos / video from the internal memory to external memory can only be done at once for all alias files can not specify a particular file you want in-Copy. yet this lack is not too small with the consumer on a more emphasize factors in the purchase price of a camera.

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