Wednesday, November 25, 2009

ECLIPSE - The MSI Eclipse board

ECLIPSE - The MSI Eclipse board Motherboard Eclips wait for New Intel Core i7. With a base of Intel X58 Express Chipset, this board supports the LGA 1366 for Intel Core i7 processor. (codename: Nehalem) As a basis for fast computing capabilities and flexible, this board is equipped with QPI (QuickPath Interconnect) 4 GigaTransfer per second. QPI is a substitute for FSB (Front Side Bus). With disuse FSB, processor memory controller smoothly now Triple-Channel DDR3 integrated memory is connected directly with. Currently, processor powers the next generation of innovative can you have with the presence of MSI ECLIPSE board.
This board also has six DDR3 memory slots that can accommodate her memory with a total capacity of 24GB. Infrastructure triple-channel memory this new and flexible enough to allow singgle channel configuration and two channels for those of you who do not have enough memory chips.

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