Sunday, December 19, 2010

Microsoft Security Essentials version 2

Not long ago Microsoft released a free product in terms of security (security), Microsoft Security Essentials v2 (MSE). Antivirus product is long enough to survive in version 1, and now with the release of version 2 of this there are several additional features and performance improvements compared to previous versions. In addition to free for personal use, also free for businesses / enterprises that have a PC up to 10 pieces.Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) is a security product to protect your PC or computers of various kinds, viruses, spyware and other malicious software. MSE we downloaded and used free of charge and easy to install. Features auto updates and real-time protection would further ensure computer security.In version 2, there are several additional and enhanced performance. From the information available in the Help file of this program, several important features and enhancements are as follows:Windows Firewall Integration, a feature to turn off or turn on Windows FirewallNetwork Inspection System, is a real-time protection features by examining network traffic to assist in the process blocks malicious network-based processProtection Engine that is updated and improved
Several explanations Features
Windows Firewall fund helps prevent attacks from outside or malicious software to access your computer from the network or the Internet. With the MSE at the beginning of installation, the computer will check whether the firewall is on, settings can be checked through the Control Panel.Network Inspection System. With so many network-based attacks (network), let alone with a computer security hole that more and more, then this feature will ensure and monitor network traffic in real time (continuously) to produce the best network protection.Microsoft said that the MSE is updated on a regular basis and in the backup by the Microsoft Antimalware team (Microsoft Malware Protection Center) that provides a response to the latest mallware threats 24 hours a day. In addition to the above features, it looks like Microsoft is also adding some in the Settings menu.
For those of you who've used the MSE version 1, until now it seems there is no auto update feature, so if you want to use it to download the installer a small enough size, approximately 7.5-9.5 MB (depending on Windows that is used). Install it directly to the MSE update to version 2.Support, Update Requirement and Other Notes
MSE can run on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, both the operating system 32 bit or 64 bit. One thing to note that the MSE is intended for users of Windows Original (original), so for those who do not use Windows Original, might have to use another Antivirus, such as Avira or Avast.Although the size of the installation is very small, approximately 7.5 MB (in windows XP), but after the install, MSE require anti virus definitions update for the first time. Internet connection required for automatic updates. After I tried to install, automatic updates and check, the size of the update for the first time after installing about 62 MB. Updates can also be transactions are carried out manually, we just download the exe file, by selecting the 32bit version or update update 64 bit). Update size about 58 MB.As only Avira, one of the things I love about the MSE is not so aggravate the computer's performance (experience when using version 1). Hopefully version 2 also remain mild and do not aggravate the computer's performance.Download the Microsoft Security Essentials (alternate download: MSE in FileHippo)


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