Sunday, June 6, 2010

Save Database Table of Contents CD / DVD with Basenji

When we have a collection of CDs or DVDs that more and more, sometimes we are confused when it will be looking for a data or program is required. Not infrequently have to try a few CD / DVD to look for in want. To overcome this, we can use one software for free, Basenji which serves to index or store an index CD / DVDs into a database that is easily accessible.
Basenji is a portable software to index the contents of the CD / DVD or other portable media that work quickly, which then stores the data into the database. So that all content that has been stored can be viewed easily and quickly. Basenji can be used for both Windows and Linux.

Basenji features include:
Display (GUI = Graphical User Interface) that is easy, just show what is important only
Search by algorithm or a specific query. For example: "my data and type = image and filesize> 1 MB"
Supports Audio CD
Extract metadata or information in files automatically such as image size, MP3 tags
The option to create thumbnails of images, video or PDF
Crossplatform, can run on Windows and Linux
For Windows users, before using the Basenji, the computer must have Microsoft. NET 3.5 and also need to install GTK (interface components that are usually for linux, have been included in this software.) After downloading Basenji GTK, open the zip and extract. Next install GTK first (run gtk-sharp-2.12.9-2.win32.msi). After that, we can start using the Basenji to index and make the database contents of the CD / DVD.

Download Basenji GTK 0.7.1 (10 MB)
Basenji without GTK 0.7.1 (2 MB)
To download for Linux (Ubuntu): https: / / / ~ pulb / archive / ppa

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