Saturday, February 20, 2010

Control Competitive Streak through Sport

As children grow bigger, they will begin to think about competition. They will begin to think about being the best one among all their friends. And they will begin to dream to be a hero. Actually it is a good thing that children have competitive streak, but it will turn out to be a bad thing if they cannot control it.

There is a way to help children to control their competitiveness. It is by letting them to get involved in team sports. Well, sport is the activity in which competitive streak does matter. And a sport which consists of a group or a team is the best way to deliver the competitive streak without hurting anybody. In a team, a child will learn to share and to socialize. So, he will not become a selfish person. There are some sport games which are played by teams such as baseball and softball which need 9 players to take a role in hitting the ball and guarding the field. There is also football which is very popular throughout the country. This sport game is played by 11 players which can be separated into defensive and offensive team.

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