Sunday, October 3, 2010

Step By Step Computer Assembly


Good preparation will of facilitate the assembly of the computer and Avoid That May show.Hal problems involved in the preparation include:
Computer Configuration Determination
Preparation component and equipment

Computer Configuration Determination

Configuring a computer linked to the determination of the type of components and features of the computer and how all components cans work as a computer system as desired. Determination of the starting components of the type of processor, motherboard and other components. Suitability Factors or compatibility of the components on the motherboard must be Considered, Because EACH type of motherboard supports the type of processor, memory modules, ports and I / O bus That is different.

Preparation Components and Supplies

Computer components and assembly equipment to be Prepared for the assembly Prepared in advance to facilitate assembly. Equipment is Prepared consisting of:
Computer Components
Completeness of components Such as cables, screws, jumpers, screws, etc.
Manuals and reference books from the component
Aids, flat and Phillips screwdrivers

Software operating system, device drivers and application programs.


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